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We establish long term, in country programs to work with public and private healthcare leaders.
We analyze and document best practices and share our knowledge with those in government and the private sector seeking to improve access to high quality, affordable healthcare.
We coordinate joint learning programs between and within countries for those seeking to improve the performance of their health systems.
We provide support for implementation of healthcare financing and delivery reforms.

Healthcare Finance

Healthcare finance directly affects the quality and outcome of healthcare services. The financial structure of a system influences what services are available to whom and at what cost. Financing drives most decisions critical to the delivery of high quality, affordable care. ACCESS Health analyzes best practices in healthcare financing and delivery in countries where we work. We support in country efforts to improve both healthcare financing and delivery.

Healthcare Delivery Systems

ACCESS Health works to improve healthcare delivery systems in low, middle, and high income countries. Our studies highlight the importance of integration of healthcare services from the home and community with specialized clinics and hospitals. We believe that efficient healthcare delivery systems can improve the quality and reduce the cost of healthcare. In resource limited settings, we focus on providing community and primary care to rural and urban populations. In high income countries, we work on improving the quality and lowering the cost of elder and chronic care.

Quality and Process Improvement

ACCESS Health works to improve the quality of healthcare services, both in processes and outcomes. Our initial focus in India is on improving outcomes of neonatal care. We work with neonatal intensive care units to improve specific processes and to establish norms for measuring and monitoring outcomes. We support efforts to improve the collection and use of data. We guide practitioners to learn from each other. We foster quality improvement in collaborations with national and regional governments.


Successful integrated healthcare systems require large numbers of medical personnel, doctors, managers, nurses, medical technicians, community health workers, and caregivers. These healthcare workers must be trained to work cooperatively and in teams. ACCESS Health is developing training programs to meet these needs in high, middle, and low income countries.

Business Engagement

Businesses provide essential healthcare services, devices, and pharmaceuticals. ACCESS Health studies best practices in the provision and governance of health services by engagement of the private sector in public private partnership. We advise national, state, and local governments on how to create, to manage, and to govern partnerships between government and business. ACCESS Health encourages entrepreneurs to create businesses that meet the needs of the healthcare system. Our Modern Aging programs recruit and train would be entrepreneurs to create businesses to meet the needs of the elderly and chronically ill.

Maternal and Child Health

ACCESS Health works to improve maternal and child health in low and middle income countries. We draw upon our expertise gained from examination of several hundred maternal and child care programs in India, Bangladesh, and Brazil. We identify successful strategies, facilitate knowledge sharing among providers, and help bring these successful strategies to scale. We work with providers, both public and private providers, to improve both process and quality.

Elder and Long Term Care

ACCESS Health analyzes best practices among countries and healthcare systems for the care of the elderly and chronically ill. We study several healthcare systems in depth, including those of Singapore, Sweden, and the United States. We plan to extend these studies to low and middle income countries as well, many of which face similar demographic challenges. We also facilitate the creation of new businesses that address the needs of an aging population.

Primary Care

ACCESS Health works to improve access to high quality, affordable primary care in low, middle, and high income countries. We help design and implement primary healthcare systems in India, drawing upon our knowledge of primary care systems, both in India and other countries. We also analyze primary and community health programs that serve the elderly and chronically ill in high income countries to provide knowledge of how to improve access to affordable long term care.

Healthcare Technology

ACCESS Health works with low and middle income countries to improve the performance of health information technology. We work with public and private healthcare providers on electronic health records, telehealth, and information technology infrastructure.

Modern Aging: inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds to create businesses to serve the needs of the elderly.
We are no longer active in What We Do. Projects and resources are available in the archive.