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5.57 million


269.1 square miles

Capital City:

One in 7 Singaporeans is over 65 years old. That number is expected to increase to 1 in 3 over the next 30 years.

Singapore is a study in what can be achieved with smart planning. In less than half a century, it transformed itself from a low income to a high income country while simultaneously creating one of the most cost effective healthcare systems in the world. The Singapore example offers proof of principle that through long term planning and innovative policymaking it is possible to develop a high quality, affordable healthcare system, even with limited resources. The geographic and economic positions of Singapore allow it to be a resource for low, middle, and high income countries as they embark on health system reforms and plan for rapidly aging populations and the accompanying demand for long term care. ACCESS Health Singapore studies approaches in the country and the resulting innovations in products and services, with the aim of translating these lessons to other country contexts.

Focus Areas

Healthcare Finance

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Singapore ranks sixth in the world in health outcomes yet spends less on healthcare than any other high income country, measured both as a fraction of the GDP spent on health and as expenditure per person. ACCESS Health Singapore studies the health financing planning process and approach of the government in order to understand how Singapore pays for high quality healthcare at a cost the economy can afford. We also share this knowledge with other governments looking to design or reform their own health financing strategies.

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Healthcare Delivery Systems

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Singapore is transforming its healthcare system from an acute care system to a comprehensive system for acute and chronic care. The healthcare system has been restructured to encourage integrated care across all healthcare services and between healthcare and social service systems. An aging population and the related rise in chronic conditions were an impetus for this transformation. ACCESS Health works with policy planners, healthcare deliverers, and researchers. Together, we study this system and identify best practices in planning and implementing new models of integrated care for affordable chronic disease management.

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Singapore is facing an aging population along with a rise in chronic conditions among younger people. The healthcare system alone cannot meet the needs of chronic disease patients. The system requires educators and care providers trained to help people manage their conditions and improve quality of life. ACCESS Health Singapore is creating new training programs to train elder peer educators. We are also supporting the adoption of international training programs in Singapore and the region for allied health and caregiving personnel.

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Business Engagement

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ACCESS Health is working with both public and private sectors to inspire and support new business models for health and wellness. Modern Aging is a business accelerator designed to facilitate the creation of new businesses that meet the needs of elders and their caregivers. Through our work on public private partnerships, ACCESS Health builds on the strength of each sector to identify new models for affordable, high quality healthcare. Modern Aging Singapore, a joint ACCESS Health-National University of Singapore Enterprise program, encourages entrepreneurs to create business that meet the needs of the elderly in Singapore and elsewhere.

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Program Areas

Elder and Long Term Care

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Singapore has one of the fastest aging populations in the world, resulting from a fertility rate that is well below the replacement rate and a life expectancy that is among the highest in the world. Today, one in seven Singaporeans is over sixty five years old, and that ratio is expected to increase to one in three over the next thirty years. ACCESS Health Singapore documents, analyzes, and shares lessons from the comprehensive, long term planning process of the government to reorient its healthcare system to the needs of the elderly and chronically ill.

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Modern Aging: inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds to create businesses to serve the needs of the elderly.
We are no longer active in Singapore. Projects and resources are available in the archive.