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Primary care is a person’s first point of contact with the healthcare system.
ACCESS Health International studies primary care within‬ different settings and helps our partners design, implement, and strengthen‬ efficient and effective primary care systems. This work has been launched in India. We plan to initiate studies in China, Sweden, Singapore, and the United States to understand how primary healthcare systems can be structured to meet the needs of the population. The work in India and China is primary care services for all. The focus in Singapore, Sweden, and the United States is for elderly and chronically ill. Based on these studies, ACCESS Health will work with both public and private providers and payers to design and implement high quality, cost effective primary healthcare programs.

Access to high quality, affordable primary care remains a challenge in much of India. The result is a high burden of disease and high out of pocket expenditures. Recent federal and state government commitments signal increasing support for a stronger primary healthcare system.

ACCESS Health India supports these commitments by studying the healthcare programs and working with individual states to design and implement improvement in primary care.

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We are no longer active in Primary Care. Projects and resources are available in the archive.