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107.7 million


115,831 square miles

Capital City:

An estimated 11 Filipinos die each day as a result of pregnancy or childbirth.

With a population of ninety million, spread over more than seven thousand islands, the Philippines needs to develop a health system that functions well across many geographic regions and diverse cultures. The devolution of the health system has caused healthcare management to be increasingly knowledge intensive and fragmented across the 1,600 autonomous municipalities and cities of the country.

Kalusugang Pangkalahatan, the Aquino Health Agenda for Universal Healthcare, is the national government initiative to provide healthcare for all Filipinos by 2015. ACCESS Health Philippines helps to close gaps in access to affordable and high quality healthcare in the country by creating linkages between local and international experts on health systems strengthening and by incubating health enterprises that will provide high quality and scalable services in the health market. We emphasize cultivating innovations through collaborations with industry, academia, and government. ACCESS Health Philippines works through a partnership approach, co-creating value with well established local and international partners.

Focus Areas

Healthcare Finance

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ACCESS Health Philippines connects national policymakers, local governments, and healthcare providers to assist in providing universal health coverage.

The Philippine national government sponsors health insurance for those with low income through the National Health Insurance Program. The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, PhilHealth, is a government owned corporation attached to the Department of Health that manages the National Health Insurance Program. The mandate of PhilHealth is to provide health insurance coverage to all Filipinos. Since inception, PhilHealth has continued to expand benefit packages to cover catastrophic health expenses and underserved populations. PhilHealth now works with both public and private providers to deliver key healthcare services. ACCESS Health Philippines works closely with PhilHealth to assist with the design of new programs, especially those directed to improve maternal child health and primary care. ACCESS Health also plans to support the implementation of national health programs in local government settings.

One of the main responsibilities of ACCESS Health in health financing in the Philippines is to facilitate interaction between policymakers and practitioners managing health financing reforms in the Philippines with those in other countries. ACCESS Health does this through the Joint Learning Network.

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Healthcare Delivery Systems

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ACCESS Health works closely with the government, private sector, and academia to improve healthcare delivery systems in the Philippines. We study, document, and analyze best practices in the healthcare delivery system. We advise on models of integrated healthcare with a focus on delivery models for primary healthcare, specifically in the areas of maternal and child health and tuberculosis. ACCESS Health works to increase access to affordable health technologies that improve the quality of healthcare services and the functioning of the healthcare delivery system. We believe that efficient healthcare delivery systems can improve the quality and reduce the cost of healthcare.

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Program Areas

Maternal and Child Health

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ACCESS Health Philippines partners with the public and private sectors and local organizations to pilot and expand innovative initiatives in maternal and child health. Our projects support the efforts of the Philippine government to address challenges in access to healthcare services. The Philippines has struggled to reduce child mortality and improve maternal health. The unique geography of the Philippines makes it particularly difficult for people to access needed care. The government uses frontline health workers and local health centers as a primary strategy to bring healthcare to isolated and low income communities. ACCESS Health Philippines strengthens the capacity of community health workers and local health centers to deliver high quality care to mothers and children.

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Healthcare Technology

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Health technology is revolutionizing the way healthcare is perceived and practiced in the Philippines. The country has one of the highest mobile phone usage rates in the world, and mobile use has significantly increased in rural areas. Because of its unique geography and robust technology sector, the Philippines should be able to lead the way in information and communications technology for health. ACCESS Health Philippines helps scale promising health technology pilot projects that bridge barriers to achieving universal health coverage, such as geographic fragmentation and lack of reliable health information.

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We are no longer active in Philippines. Projects and resources are available in the archive.