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Our work is made possible through partnerships. We identify healthcare providers in the public and private sectors, government officials, academic researchers, entrepreneurs, and funders that share our ambition to improve access to high quality and affordable healthcare. We believe that changing the healthcare system requires close collaboration and the determination of a wide range of people and institutions. We bring partners together and jointly define the strategies for our work.

Below, we highlight some of our most important partners. A comprehensive list of the relevant partners and funders can be found at the end of each project page.

The Rockefeller Foundation was the first funder to support ACCESS Health in 2008. Since then, the Rockefeller Foundation has been instrumental in the growth of our work. The Foundation has allowed us to test unconventional approaches and partnerships and to adapt the work to local needs. It has provided us with an international platform to scale the work and encouraged us to continue to innovate. We have piloted ideas with partners in India that now are being scaled with support from the government and other funders.

Aravind Eye Care System was one of the organizations that inspired us to start ACCESS Health International and to start the work in India. The dedication to high quality and low cost among the staff at Aravind drives excellence in process improvement. We wanted to understand how that could benefit more people, and also other areas in healthcare. Aravind Eye Care System partnered with us to experiment with methods to bring good practices to scale across organizations.

We started our work in Andhra Pradesh because we found many innovative healthcare organizations with low cost and high quality care in the state. We soon discovered that the government launched partnerships with private organizations that were remarkable in scale and innovation. Many of these have now been replicated across states in India. The government of Andhra Pradesh trusted ACCESS Health to evaluate one of the innovative programs with partners. This allowed us to analyze effects of a government sponsored insurance program and to recommend areas for improvement based on the local environment and good practices internationally. The partnership with the government has now expanded to include an ambitious program to build capacity for quality improvement and to save newborn lives in both public and private hospitals.

The state of Andhra Pradesh split into Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in 2014. The governments of both states have maintained their commitment to improving the quality of healthcare delivery. As with our partnership with the state of Andhra Pradesh, our partnership with the state of Telangana includes an ambitious program to build capacity for quality improvement and to save newborn lives in both public and private hospitals.

The Aarogyasri Health Care Trust manages the Rajiv Aarogyasri Scheme, an innovative insurance program that began in the state of Andhra Pradesh and now includes the state of Telangana. The aim of the insurance program is to provide financial coverage for catastrophic healthcare expenses for those living below the poverty line. Through our partnership with the Aarogyasri Health Care Trust, ACCESS Health has produced numerous case studies on the program. We also conducted a formal audit of the impact of the program on health spending and access. Today, ACCESS Health works closely with the Trust to improve the quality of care in public and private hospitals in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

We identified and studied good practices in healthcare delivery in India and were discussing strategies for how to effectively support more healthcare practitioners to adopt good practices. We found the work of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to be aligned perfectly with our ambitions. They were generous to support us. Since 2011, we have had a close partnership and piloted their model for improvement in India. We are now working with the government and many healthcare providers in public and private sectors to scale a program based on this model to reduce neonatal mortality in India.

The International China Ageing Industry Association is a premier business to business industry association servicing leading Chinese and overseas corporations, nonprofits, policymakers, investors, and entrepreneurs committed to building a vibrant elderly care industry ecosystem in China.

ACCESS Health International and the International China Ageing Industry Association share a vision for building a coherent knowledge based industry for elderly and long term care in China. We are working jointly as partners to promote knowledge sharing and other program activities and will conduct training, research, and government advocacy together. We envision our synergy will catalyze unprecedented impact and opportunities within the nascent elderly care industry in China.


A number of philanthropists support ACCESS Health to explore how we can play a strategic role in the improvement of access to and quality of care. The William A. Haseltine Foundation for Science and the Arts provides startup funds for country programs. Mercedes Zobel provided support to establish our work in the Philippines. Xavier Guerrand-Hermès introduced us to Morocco and supported our work to improve access to high quality and affordable eyecare in the country.

Thanks to Podio, we keep work simple. Podio sponsorship allows ACCESS Health to manage our work on the Podio project management platform. Podio supports seamless collaboration and communication among our team members across all of the nine settings in which we work.

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