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1.36 billion


3.7 million square miles

Capital City:

The proportion of people age 65 and older in mainland China will increase from 8% to 24% within the next 30 years.

ACCESS Health International is initiating activities in China. Our goal is to assist with efforts to achieve universal access to high quality, affordable healthcare.

We plan to develop long term relationships with healthcare and civil affairs policy leaders. We will assist policymakers in the design and implementation of healthcare and social systems that deliver high quality services through enhanced primary care and integration of care. Our main focus is on the needs of the elderly. We will also work with academic partners and the private sector to study the healthcare system and social aged care in China. We will initiate a program to inspire and support entrepreneurs interested in aging. We believe there are opportunities to make better use of available resources in the public and private sectors. We will provide support to provinces to engage the private sector in improving the care of the elderly. We will also support the private sector as it identifies opportunities to complement government efforts for the elderly.

Focus Areas

Healthcare Delivery Systems

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The initial goal of ACCESS Health China is to assure that the elderly have access to high quality affordable care at home and in communities. ACCESS Health China also encourages entrepreneurs to create businesses that serve the needs of the elderly. An aging population is one of the most challenging issues faced by healthcare systems today, including China. Older patients have high rates of one or more chronic disease. The challenge is to provide high quality care and control cost. ACCESS Health brings together experts and organizations facing similar healthcare challenges to share experiences in a structured process known as joint learning. Through this process, experts and organizations share knowledge of what works. ACCESS Health intends to establish a Joint Learning Program to address the problems of elder care and primary care within both urban and rural China.

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Quality and Process Improvement

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ACCESS Health has the opportunity to create global education and innovation programs by offering certificate or Master’s degree programs in healthcare and innovation leadership.

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ACCESS Health is planning global education and innovation programs that offer certificates or master's degree programs in Healthcare and Innovation. We have established a relationship with programs in Healthcare Leadership at Brown University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School. The proposed courses of study include Healthcare Policy, Strategic Planning, Management and Marketing, Data Driven Decision Making, Regulatory Issues, Health Information Technology, Quality, and Financial Analysis. The education program will be supported by tuition. Regional governments, corporate partners, and foundations may also provide support through programs and scholarships.

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Business Engagement

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Businesses provide essential healthcare services, devices, information technology solutions, and pharmaceuticals. ACCESS Health is working with both public and private sectors to inspire and support new business models for health and wellness. ACCESS Health studies best practices in the provision and governance of health services through engagement of the private sector in public private partnership. We advise national, state, and local governments on how to create, to manage, and to govern partnerships between government and business. ACCESS Health encourages entrepreneurs to create businesses that meet the needs of the healthcare system. Our Modern Aging programs recruit and train would be entrepreneurs to create businesses to meet the needs of the elderly and chronically ill.

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Program Areas

Elder and Long Term Care

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China is facing a demographic challenge. The population is rapidly aging. Older patients often require long term chronic care. Providing high quality care at an affordable cost is a challenge.

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Drug Procurement and Distribution

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ACCESS Health China intends to assist in the implementation of new approaches to drug procurement and distribution. Possible approaches include standardization of drug brand names, the development of pricing models, and the unification of the retail supply chain. ACCESS Health will evaluate the effects of these reforms.

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Modern Aging: inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds to create businesses to serve the needs of the elderly.
We are no longer active in Mainland China. Projects and resources are available in the archive.